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New Years Tag

Mon Jan 2, 2017, 3:24 PM
Tagged by :iconrennygade: ! <3

-did your art get better or worse this year? 
Better! I don't think by a large margin, I certainly didn't practice too much anatomy or diversity in poses or anything, but color wise I think there was a solid improvement! I drew a lot over the summer and most of the fall, but as of now I haven't drawn anything in like two months >w> the seasonal depression was not kind, I really need to get back into it!

-did you draw something you are really proud of?
yeah lots of junk!
Ink'd by theperfecta Celestia by theperfecta Sansy Pals by theperfecta
-did you make any new friends? 
Yes! I made lots of new friends in 2016- literally all because of the undertale fandom lmfao

-did you buy a new character you love? 
I did not :^P I made some new OC's that I love, but I didn't buy any- rip

-did you confess to anyone?
Not really! The first short relationship I got into was a very mutual thing, and the one I'm in now I was the one who got asked out... so I guess not?

-did your relationship with your parents change?
A little bit. After I graduated they were really pushing me to start online classes or go to college, which I was not at all ready to do. High school was living hell for me, and I wanted a year off. Eventually they understood that and now we're at a more mutual agreement about the situation- we don't fight as much and my dad even apologized to me the other day for getting mad over something stupid.

-did you go anywhere new? 
I went to this real cool writing class at a college I'd never been to- one of the best weeks of my life tbh, I met loads of new and cool people and worked on my writing quite a lot.

-did you keep your new years' resolution? 
I don't think I made one last year, so I can't say lmfao

-will you make a new years' resolution this year? 
Yeah boiii it's to finish and edit the original story I started writing for nanowrimo

-has your taste in music changed? 
Not really, I didn't listen to a lot of music in 2016- mostly Naruto openings and the same old songs I always listen to lol

-what's one lesson you learned this year?
that i should listen to the good things people say about my work instead of dismissing it and being hateful towards myself

-do you feel you've come closer to your goals?
hell yeah, i wrote so much this year its crazy

-has your self-esteem grown? 
a little bit- i wouldn't say a lot but its definitely better than it was

-what is your best moment of 2016? 
The writing camp I went to over the summer and when me and my s/o started dating <3

-what is a moment you want to forget? 
all of the nasty pedophilic UT porn i've seen ugh

-do you feel much older this year?
my back hurts a lot lol i'm like 89

-what's your new year wish? 

to not be depressed anymore

-what did you do for your birthday? 
I had a birthday party at this little club thingy with my friends- it was fun 

-how did you dress for halloween? 
i didn't dress up i'm a halloween humbug 

-what colour do you think of when you think over this year? 

-who has been your closest companion this year? 
I don't know... not a lot of them have stayed close the whole time, except for my small irl friend group- so probably my bomb ass cousin cydni

-how many animals have you pet this year?
not enough... never enough...

-sum up the year in four words? 
be gone nasty depression

-what has been your most used emoji? 

-what did you eat a lot of? 

Kraft mac n cheese and Mozzarella Bites

-what did you drink a lot of? 

Green Tea

-did you find a new aesthetic? 
not really

-have you changed your username? 
it was either late last year or early this year when i changed my username on here from dapuddingz to theperfecta

-has someone changed your opinion on something? 
yeah of course

-did you like the music in the charts this year?
yeah it was pretty good

-do you think this year was better or worse than last year? 

-do you think next year will be better or worse than this year? 

i hope it just keeps improving tbh, the bar ain't high

-what are you most excited for next year? 
i get to see my s/o :iconstarlightsammyb: and other cool people i haven't seen all year at Tekko- i'm looking forward to that!

-when's the latest you've stayed up? 
i can't handle more than like 24 hours at a time tbh, i can barely make it to 12 most of the time lol

-when's the earliest you've woken up?
i mean that's a tricky question cause sometimes i'd go to bed at like 4 in the afternoon and wake up at 2 am so like ???


i tag uhhh :iconmeowbattle: :iconrenic-pai: :iconfuschiafreckles: :iconkauu: :iconfaeriemayden: :iconinsanitycreator: :iconbloodyarchimedes: and anybody else who wants to do it- or if i tagged you and you don't want to do it then don't uwu

skin made by sergbel


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