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The Good Stuffs

Look at this lovely art!! Commissions and art for me and ALL OF THE GOOD THINGS IN GENERAL HHH


Look at all this beautiful art by my lovely pals!


Hello again! First things first, thank you to everybody who entered! I really appreciate it and all of your drawings were lovely <3

that being said, I only got 6 entries. Because of that I will cut back on the prizes a little, but not too much! If there's any problems with that please let me know and I'll be happy to talk it over with you, I don't want to seem unfair in any way

Okay so moving onto the WINNERS!

FIRST PLACE: Tessith!! 

Stryx by Tessith
I really really loved this design, especially the way it tied a lot of the pre-existing designs together. The long feathers coming out of the neck/face are very cool, and the headpiece! I really really love that aspect in particular, I'd never considered giving them a face ornament like that and I think it works really well with the character. Thank you for entering! The adjusted 1st place prize is $20

SECOND PLACE: abia-g!!

(E) Stryx by abia-g
The pixels here are cool, but I especially like the uniqueness of the design- the more limp/hairlike feathers on the head and the crest on the tail are really neat, as well as the color and placement of the jewel-things on the body. I also really like the overall shape/anatomy of the design, as well as the colors! Adjusted 2nd place prize is $15

THIRD PLACE: Krmysaur!!

-CE- The Warden of Stones and Stars by Krmysaur
This entry was really neat, the thing I loved the most was the floating pieces around the tail- that really adds an air of mystery and magic about them, which is an integral part of their character! The swooping head-crest is also really neat, as well as the yellow cresty-thing on the front legs- that's another thing I'd never really considered, and it looks really cool here! Adjusted 3rd place prize is $10

Other entries/commentary below!

ollieovo with CE : redesign  by ollieovowas a very unique entry, the colors were really bright and lovely and the tail design was really cool- almost skeletal? the addition of purple to the design was also something I wasn't quite expecting, but it works really well!!

SageOfTheStars with Stryx Redesign Entry by SageOfTheStars is a really far-shoot from the original designs, but that's what I was looking for with the contest! The simplicity in the design was really cool, I love the long ears and tail and the little bit of armpit fluff- the small beard also adds some kind of "oldness" to the design, like a Chinese dragon or something like that- it's neat!

Kauu with Perfecta Compotition Redesign by Kauu is really lovely! I love the wings, in the past I'd toyed with the idea of Stryx having wings. I like the head and the magic, it's very bright and true to the "original" design, I think my favorite part of this one is the plant-life growing on them- that's something I'm definitely going to look into adding to their final design! It makes them look super ancient and mysterious, if a bit unhygienic haha

Thank you to everybody who made an entry! I appreciate it so much and I hope you all have a lovely day <3


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my tumblr is, similarly, theperfecta, hmu if you want to... i guess, follow me on tumblr??

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