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Look at this lovely art!! Commissions and art for me and ALL OF THE GOOD THINGS IN GENERAL HHH


Look at all this beautiful art by my lovely pals!


"Befriend The Man Who Speaks In Hands" and other Spectascopes-created Fanfiction Fanart Contest!! Rules and Prizes Below!

so for anybody yet on here that isn't aware, I'm considerably better at writing fanfiction than I am at drawing- and my most popular fic "Befriend the Man Who Speaks in Hands" (shortened to Beef Man) has just recently reached 1,000 kudos on AO3! So to celebrate the occasion, I'll be hosting a fanart contest for the fic, or any of the other fics I've written that are over on MY AO3


:bulletblue: It's recommended that you watch me for contest updates and read the fic you're creating art of!
:bulletblue: Fanart of any scene from any of my fanfics is welcome- at the bottom of the journal I'll link some of the things that inspired Beef Man, for double the inspiration.
:bulletblue: You can draw as many entries as you want, but only one can win! 
:bulletblue: The art can be submitted here, on tumblr, or via comment on the fanfic itself on AO3- i'll link back to this contest on all three places
:bulletblue: Any kind of art is welcome, but it must be drawn specifically for this contest!
:bulletblue: No sexual/nsfw art please! I know I've got a couple of stories that are NSFW but please keep all entries appropriate. That doesn't mean you can't draw SFW art for those fics, though!
:bulletblue: Submission Deadline is February 27th, 2016!!


  • First place!

    • $15
    • A piece of official UT Merch from Fangamer (up to a T-Shirt)
    • Free colored+shaded piece of art with up to 2 characters from me!
    • A UT fanfic of your choice, also provided by me. Can be anything you want, doesn't have to be Beef Man related, and can be NSFW. Can be multi-chapter but won't exceed 30k words

  • Second place!

    • $10
    • 2 or 3 clean sketches from yours truly!
    • One-chapter UT fanfic of your choice from me :^3c

  • Third place!

    • A piece of art from yours truly
    • One-chapter UT fic of your choice!

If you win and want two fanfics instead of a piece of art, that is A-okay, but the fanfics can't be converted to art... gomen


:bulletblack: The initial concept and inspiration for the fic came from this comic on tumblr!!
:bulletblack: The scene in Chapter 15 where Frisk gives Gaster Papyrus's scarf and Sans's jacket was inspired by this tumblr post!!

----Already-Existing Beef Man Art----

UNDERTALE -Befriend the man, who speaks in hands- by BloodyArchimedeschara talkin shit bout u by meowbattleFrisk by meowbattlePet Rock by meowbattleSympathetic Crier by meowbattleDoodles by thirdwheeIW I T H  Y O U R  L I F E by theperfectaUNDERTALE - Stream shit - by BloodyArchimedesAww1 by theperfectaAww2 by theperfecta


LET ME SAVE THEM by MasterSerrisContest entry:     Torn by MegaFreedom1274THERE IS A LOT I NEED TO TELL YOU by MasterSerris


theperfecta's Profile Picture
Spaghetti Boy 24
United States
Hey I'm Delaney, I like drawing and being a total idiot and meme-master 7000
My Skype is theperfect_a if anybody wants to talk, i'm always up for a convo~

Profile Picture is by BloodyArchimedes and is the cover for my UT fic which can be found HERE!

Where To Find Me

Should I have a "Befriend The Man Who Speaks In Hands" fanart contest? 

9 deviants said Yes! I wouldn't participate but it'd be cool
7 deviants said Yes! I'd take part
1 deviant said (the occasion is that it hit 1,000 kudos on AO3 today!!)
No deviants said No, I don't think there's enough interest for it on here, do something else!
No deviants said (prizes would be cash and/or official UT merch from the fangamer store)


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