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Journal Entry: Sat Oct 15, 2016, 1:02 PM

The person who coded my lovely lovely page here on dA is open for commissions to do the same thing! I love mine soooo much so if you have core and want a spiffy cool page go check out these spiffy cool commissions!
[OPEN 5/5] Page Commissions!edit: 5 slots for now bc i really need a bit of extra cash! pwp
if you have a core membership, but cant figure out how to make your pages *~**AESTHETIC**~* (eheh)
i would be happy to take care of all that tedious coding! uwu)/
i coded my page and just in general really enjoy playing w page code to make everything pretty ;u;
prices range from $7/700:points:-$20/2000:points:
depending on the amount of boxes and complexity of the code (extra images, pixels, buttons etc)

more complicated code will be more similar to my own page where there are multiple boxes and pics c:
you can just tell me how you want it to look, or give me some colors/aesthetics you like and i can find pics and wallpapers for you to choose from and then apply
them myself c:
you would have to be ok w giving me your password tho so i can get in there to do the thing
i have plenty of people that can vouch for my trustworthiness if you are worried

about me

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○ Hey I'm Delaney, I like drawing and being a total idiot and meme-master 7000

○ my tumblr is, similarly, theperfecta, hmu if you want to... i guess, follow me on tumblr??

○ icon is by BloodyArchimedes !!!

○ I'm Spectascopes and I_Write_Sans_Not_Tragedies on ao3


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InsanityCreator Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist

Uh, nah. Here, I'll just give you a link, it'll be easier. Here:…
theperfecta Featured By Owner 2 days ago
BLUE GETS TORTURED IS MY FAVORITE FANFIC HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OMFG I've read it like 5 times tbh~~ I've thought about doing fanart of it (well I have but it was very VERY nsfw so I didn't post it anywhere hehe) but ye that fic is one of my favs- I'm mutual with the author on tumblr!

I'll have to check out the one you're talking about~~ it isn't by vidoxi I assume? They did blue gets pampered but I don't recall seeing another story involved with BGT, unless I missed it~
InsanityCreator Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
No, this is wonderful! I was so excited when I saw it!

Oh gosh. It's really interesting, but also sad? It's always sad when bad things happen to Blueberry as he's always just really nice. That story started as a spawn off of a different fic called "Blue Gets Tortured" which is miracilously even less pleasant than it sounds! I haven't even been able to read the update, it's so heartbreaking. The story I was talking about occurs in the aftermath of that stories events, where despite the resets, Blueberry still remembers what happened. It's discontinued now but there's still quite a few parts of it so it's an interesting read? I'd recommend it, but it also in some ways worries me. Because it may give you ideas. Oh well. It's a good read anyways.
theperfecta Featured By Owner 2 days ago… HHOHOHJOHO sorry if this isn't what you were thinkin of but i couldn't not do it hehehe

i haven't read it! i just started into a bittybones fanfiction earlier today but i'll put it on my long to-read list hehe~
InsanityCreator Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I completely agree! And I would love to see it as well? Poor Red. At least he has Blueberry now. I just love these poor characters so much. I find how they interact, think and feel extremely interesting! Plus some of their interactions are just plain hilarious. And whenever they're just conversing like normal people it always makes me feel happy as it's more of a show of the progression they've all taken from the beginning, when they first met.

Recently I re-read another series that involves Blueberry mostly but has the main AU versions of him and Papyrus. I think it was called "Please Save Me"? Yeah, it was that kind of story. After reading it and how broken poor Blue is in it, I can back to this series and had some horribly sad ideas. It makes me appreciate Blueberry's optimism and happiness I suppose! I love those little skeletons.
theperfecta Featured By Owner 3 days ago

i do that myself all the time, and if i had a few ounces more motivation i'd definitely write all these things... but yeah, of course red wakes up sometimes and panics, sometimes he wakes up with somebody's arms around him and he freaks out, if you haven't noticed it does not take much for him to freak out~
although usually waking up from a nightmare- about anything, really- and having blueberry there sleeping next to him calms him down more than it makes him panic. 
(but oh man oh man now i want to write that.......... . . ... . ..)
InsanityCreator Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
So, I think your stories are starting to affect how I think of ideas now? Because I was just reading "what brothers are for" again and I suddenly had an idea?? Because Red says he sometimes has nightmares about the stuff he did to Blueberry? And now he sleeps next to Blueberry..? ...Can you see where I'm going with this? I just suddenly had that thought and had an 'Oh no' moment. Just wanted to share, don't know why. Maybe you'll find it funny how even after reading all the angst in the stories themselves, just thinking about them creates more. XD
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